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Finding Your Way Youth Center

Mission and Vision Statement

The Finding Your Way Youth Center exists to reach, rescue, and restore the lives of our next generation. We serve ages 12 to 18 through programs and services in a positive, and encouraging environment that initiates creativity, academic growth, innovative thinking, social development and recreation while healing past hurts, addressing current needs, and building their confidence and self-esteem in who they are today and who they will become within their promising futures!

The Need

Our teen homeless population and at-risk youth are targets for individuals of the most dangerous predatory nature. We are currently serving a population of students ages 12-18, who suffer from addictions, abuse, neglect, and sex trafficking. These children want to be loved, nurtured, guided, and to feel safe. The Finding Your Way Youth Center would give us the ability to provide such a place and so much more!

Finding Your Way Youth Center

Finding Your Way Youth Center

Student Selection

Students will be referred to the Center through the School District Staff and Department of Children and Family Services. Summer and Holiday Break Programs will be open for public sign-up and will close when registration reaches capacity.

Assessment Process

Every young person will go through the assessment process on their initial visit to the Center. This ensures proper and caring introduction, basic information gathering, individual needs assessment, personal interests, achievement goals, and a private tour of the facility with the proper understanding of the rules for a safe, productive, and fun experience for all.

What happens at the Center?

We provide a wide variety of programs and services to ensure wholeness, wellness, and success within every precious soul that walks through our doors. This three-floor, multi-level facility gives us the ability to strategically position age group appropriate gatherings, programs and services.

Our youth experience and receive:

Life Skills Programs

Life skills are necessary for full participation in everyday life. They are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. Group Classes of instruction will include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Hygiene and self-care.
  • Healthy meal preparation and cooking
  • Problem Solving and Life Situations: Processing and Responding
  • Basic Life skills of becoming a young lady and a young man. How to honor and value yourself and others.
  • Keeping Yourself Safe
  • How to take care of your living space: organization and cleanliness
  • Medical and Dental education and services. These are provided through the Medicaid system for children ages infant to 21 years of age.
  • Developing realistic goals toward personal success.
  • Other: Courses and Classes created to meet the need.

Counseling, Awareness, Prevention

  • One on One counseling with a qualified staff member. These services are paid for through the Medicaid system for children ages infant to 21 years of age.
  • Suicide, Alcoholism, Addiction, Sex-Trafficking, Bullying: Awareness and Prevention


  • Homework Helpers for students needing tutors and special scholastic assistance.

Gifts, Talents and Fun

  • Discovering and Developing your gifts and talents
  • Specialized Personality and Gifts Tests
  • Dare to Dream
  • Music, Arts, Pottery, Theater
  • Sports Programs and Camps
  • Exercise for health for while having fun
  • Media, Video, Sound, and Technology Department (Specialized Room Dedicated to these functions).
  • Social Media Safety and Think Tank Application: How to engage social media with the purpose of creating positive online communities that reach, encourage and change their generation.


Having a certification and Learning a trade. (Students 15-21 years of age).

  • Media, Video, Sound, and Technology
  • Computer Programs, Programming and Skills such as basic PC and Mac Programs: Microsoft Word, Pages, Excel, Power-Point, Publisher, Sketchbook

Think Tank: Our Innovative Thinkers Group

  • Generational Solutions: These students will create and participate in their own conversations with the goal of creating solutions for problems, issues and epidemics that affect their generation. They will challenge themselves to become part of the solution by implementing their ideas into their daily realities and society.
  • Entrepreneurism: Making their business dreams a reality! From non-profit organizations, to the next invention or business, this group will have the freedom to explore all the possibilities. SCORE is a non- profit organization of retired business individuals that are excited to partner with us and help guide these amazing sessions.
    • Write the vision and make it plain
    • Strategic Planning
    • The basics of writing a business plan o Making your dream a reality
Finding Your Way Youth Center
2 Free Standing Building on over 2.5 acres

The Home

The Kitchen, Family Room, Showers and Laundry Facility: This property will allow us to offer these beautiful young souls all the comforts of home they do not have. For those who do not have running water or electricity, this facility is equipped with 6 showers, 2 laundry facilities, 2 full service kitchens and a floor for a Family room where popcorn and movies can happen, a quiet place for reading, or if simple napping is needed in a safe, clean, and loving environment.

Finding Your Way Youth Center

Finding Your Way Youth Center

Finding Your Way Youth Center

Help us make this dream their reality!

Finding Your Way Youth Center

Finding Your Way Youth Center

With two free-standing buildings and over 2.5 acres for recreation and expansion, we can make a tremendous impact in the lives of our young people who did not choose their situation or affliction. Darryl and Tracy Strawberry have chosen them!

Will you become part of this team who will be their advocates to help them heal, stay safe, feel loved and lead them back into life and a future full of promise!

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