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Restoring Lives and Relationships through the Power of God and the Process of Change!



Welcome to Finding Your Way. My desire is to help you learn and grow through life's difficulties and challenges as well as lead you in to the greater purpose that God has for your life. Whether you are trying to overcome, recover, grow, or desire to become part of the solution, Finding Your Way was created for you, your family, friends and loved ones everywhere!


We are committed to faith in Jesus Christ, the gospel message, leading people into lasting change through discipleship, and building a body of believers who will impact their communities. For years, we have been reaching and restoring communities, institutions, organizations, the Church, our youth, teens, adults, families, marriages, and relationships through the Power of God and the Process of Change. I invite you to embrace your own growth, then Pay It Forward! Let's initiate real and lasting change!
-Tracy Strawberry

Tracy Strawberry

Finding Your Way...

... Out of Addiction

What is wrong with me? Why can't I just stop? Is it really possible to be free from addiction? The answer is Yes! If you are serious about overcoming addictions and defeated living, click  below to view free videos and to purchase The Clean, Sober, and Saved curriculum to get started on your journey of restoration and recovery today!


... To Encouragement

The Daily Devotional Video Clips are created to help deliver encouragement, truth, Spiritual growth and inspiration for daily living! Check in each day as we walk out life together here at Finding Your Way!

The DailyWalk

... To a Better Marriage

My marriage is in trouble - maybe even lost. Why can't we seem to make things work? What do I do if my spouse is not willing to work on our marriage? Is forgiveness possible when the deepest betrayal has entered into our marriage? Find hope, help, and the answers to these questions and more in "The Imperfect Marriage series!"


What People Are Saying

Direction, Focus, Participation, Power, Process

You can find your way out, take your way back, push your way through and live powerfully because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pay it forward