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Our goal is to reach and restore lives and relationships through the power of God and the process of change

Welcome to Finding Your Way.

Tracy Strawberry - Speaker, author, TV Host

My desire is to help you learn and grow through life's difficulties and challenges as well as lead you in to the greater purpose that God has for your life. Whether you are trying to overcome, recover, grow, or desire to become part of the solution, Finding Your Way was created for you, your family, friends and loved ones everywhere!

Finding Your Way is committed to faith in Jesus Christ, leading people into lasting change, and building a body of believers who will impact their communities. For years, we have been reaching and restoring communities, institutions, organizations, the Church, our youth, teens, adults, families, marriages, and relationships through the Power of God and the Process of Change. I invite you to embrace your own growth and change then Pay It Forward! Let's initiate and experience real and lasting change!
-Tracy Strawberry

What People Are Saying

I believe that Clean Sober and Saved is definitely going to be a power and a tool to help bring people to Christ in this community. It's given people in the community a reason to get up and do something, and to move. It's given them a little bit of fire that this city hasn't seen in a long time.
Testimony 1
Jamestown, New York
Not only have I learned that I can be clean and sober, but that I can be clean sober AND saved. Wow! That's a lot. … I can continue to walk forward with God and Christ Jesus my savior.
Testimony 2
Home of Grace
It is a quality, Word based, principle based program that's going to set the captives free. … When I was watching the teaching of forgiveness and trust, and getting our hearts broken and trust broken, and how to get it healed, I could see that the inmates got it! Now they have the tool to take it on.
Testimony 3
Logan Correction Center
Lincoln, Illinois

Reaching The World


Prison Systems and Treatment Centers

Churches and Homes

Pay it forward

God works through people. We, the people, are the answer to the prayers for help, hope, impact and change that we greatly desire and so desperately need in society today.